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International Conference on Healthcare, Environment, Food and Biological Sciences

2015 International Conference on Computing Techniques and Mechanical Engineering (ICCTME-2015) Oct. 1-3, 2015 Phuket (Thailand) Back

ISBN 978-93-84422-40-0


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1Experimental Investigations on MRR in Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Al/B4C Metal Matrix Composites
V. Mohankumar and M. Kanthababu
2Basketball Practice Mechatronic Assistant (BPMA)
Daniel Chen, Catherine Park, Tim Hegadorn, and Jae Hyun Lee
3Integration of Mechanical Information in Device Descriptions as Part of CPS
Christian Diedrich, Thomas Hadlich, Matthias Riedl, Marco Meier, Holger Zipper and Sebastian Süss
4Effects of Discharge on the Performance of an Industrial Centrifugal Pump.
Atiq Ur Rehman, Subhash Shinde, Akshoy Ranjan Paul, and Anuj Jain
5A Protocol Structure for Controlling Adaptive Conveyor System in Automatized High Complex Distribution Centers
Lukas Kopecki
6Thermo-mechanical modeling of porthole hot extrusion for a thin-walled hollow aluminum profile
Xin Xue, Gabriela Vincze, Jianyi Pan, Juan Liao, Antonio Pereira and Joaquim Damas
7Hardening response of dual-phase steels under non-proportional strain path
Juan Liao, Jose Sousa and Xin Xue
8Design, Fabrication and Testing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Catapult Launcher
Divya Sanghi, Devesh Sharma and N.S. Raghava

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